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Our association consists of young but experienced legal professionals. Lawyers, who are qualified and driven by the ambition to provide access to justice and fairness to the financially challenged and disadvantaged. We use our experience and professional expertise to help those in need achieve their goals and resolve their problems. In doing so, our association contributes to the development and promotion of civil society, civic participation and good governance, and protection from actions that are abusive and harmful. These actions are usually of monopolists and third parties.

We support the fight against poverty by helping and encouraging people to start their own businesses, start-ups with socially relevant causes and non-profit organizations.

We recognize the social role of entrepreneurship in society and for that we support its development in our country.
The Association has several main objectives. One of them is to help introduce, develop and promote e-justice, e-government and achieve digital transformation. The optimization of judicial and administrative systems and processes for the benefit of civil society is also our goal. In order to achieve this goal, the Association supports citizens, organizations and startups with a focus on realizing it. This is achieved by providing free legal services in this area.

All services offered by our Association are completely free of charge under the legal program. We will help you free of charge as long as you meet the requirements that are mentioned in the “Legal Program”.



Our mission is to provide persons in need with quality and affordable legal services in the area of civil law, focused on the protection of their human rights and property interests, in an innovative, efficient and convenient manner.



Our vision is to expand the scope of our legal assistance in order to reach the maximum number of beneficiaries we can be of service to.



Our values are openness, commitment and responsibility to the tasks and assignments, professionalism, experience, fairness.

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Why consult us?

It is very common for individuals in financial difficulty to find themselves unable to afford quality legal assistance and therefore at risk of having their legal rights and property interests violated. In such cases, the timely consultation and involvement of a lawyer experienced in the field can provide the person in need with the protection of their interests and peace of mind.

It is the peace of mind that they will not make a mistake or oversight in the relationship they enter, that they will achieve their goals, that they will not fall victim to fraud and that their rights will be protected to the fullest extent.

Many individuals and budding entrepreneurs do not realize or underestimate the risk involved and the need for a professional legal overview of their affairs, often entering into contracts written by themselves or downloaded from the internet, signing any additional documents at their own discretion, thereby taking on significant legal and financial risks. Practice in such cases shows that when the risk does materialize, it is usually too late, complicated or expensive, and sometimes impossible to resolve the problem as it would have been resolved with timely and adequate legal assessment and advice BEFORE the documents are signed, payment made or other action taken. Timely advice is much more valuable than after-the-fact advice as it eliminates risk and saves time, nerves and money.

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