Promoting entrepreneurship

Promotion of entrepreneurship and support for persons wishing to start their own business

We recognize the social impact of entrepreneurship and its contribution to job creation and improved socio-economic development in Bulgaria. We believe that entrepreneurship is the key to fighting poverty in Bulgaria, as one of the member states with the highest risk of poverty in the EU – over 40% of the population, according to a 2017 Eurostat survey.
Therefore, one of the three main objectives of the association is to provide free training and free advice to citizens to start and develop their own business. Priority is given to persons with no previous commercial experience and from vulnerable social groups – minority groups, women, socially disadvantaged.

"If you have a little money, start a business. If you have no money at all, you should start a business right away."

John Rockefeller

Trainings and free consultations

In connection with the above, our lawyers organize free trainings and consultations for citizens wishing to start their own business. We help start-up entrepreneurs to develop their idea by our lawyers providing training and mentoring in the following areas:
  • Establishing and structuring the form of entrepreneurship;
  • Preparation of a full set of start-up and financing agreements, including all types of commercial contracts, management contracts, service contracts, lease, rental, loan, etc., and terms and conditions;
  • Legal advice on all types of commercial transactions;
  • Collection of unpaid receivables under contracts, invoices, bills of lading, etc.;
  • Legal protection from non-performance – penalties, securities and guarantees under commercial contracts, mortgages and pledges, security for receivables, contracts for the sale of goods or services, distribution and commission contracts, contract of carriage, rental contracts, leases, etc.
  • Transactions with commercial enterprises – transfer of a company and shares of a company.
  • Advice on specific commercial activities – IT outsourcing for software companies, for construction companies and other activities subject to specific regulatory regime;
  • Transfer of shares, company interests and commercial enterprises;
  • Changes in the company’s capital and circumstances, contributions in kind, taxes, etc.;