Civil Law

What is civil law?

Civil law issues in practice are a variety of legal matters that affect people’s daily lives, such as debts, unpaid fines, unpaid insurance claims, housing issues, disputes between citizens and more. Our legal program helps to ensure justice for all members of the public, regardless of how much money they have, by providing not only professional legal defense but also covering costs – e.g. government fees.

It provides access to legal aid for people to protect their livelihoods, their health and their families. Legal aid for citizens facilitates access to justice and gives all individuals a fair playing field. This is achieved through online enquiries, on-site meetings (advice and counselling) and legal aid for legal action. This ensures legal awareness and contributes to achieving justice in society.

The main aim of our association is to provide legal aid and access to justice to people in a difficult financial and/or disadvantaged situation. To develop and promote civil society, civic participation and good governance.

Justice for all, not only for the few who can afford it

Our civil law practice includes:

In times of crisis and economic turmoil, it is often the employees on contract who are most affected. Out of work or with unpaid wages, they are often unable to afford quality legal representation. Guided by the same considerations, the legislator has exempted employees from the obligation to pay state fees in employment cases. Legal aid for employees in employment cases is a particularly topical issue now, in the wake of the economic crisis resulting from the epidemic of COVID-19.
Good contracts are an absolute necessity for the smooth and trouble-free running of any type of relationship. Already in the planning and preparation of the contracts they enter into, the parties must adequately assess the risk, anticipating possible problems and avoiding future conflicts by means of previously agreed, clear written rules. This is why our association offers free advice and contract drafting.
Property law is a branch of civil law, the object of which is property – movable or immovable. In practice, it is often associated with inheritance law, which regulates property relations arising on the death of a person – an heir.
In practice, it often happens that insurers refuse to pay an insurance claim without good reason. Whether it is a motor accident liability claim, a Casco claim or other property claim, we can assist in obtaining the compensation due.